About China Art Management

What is China Art Management?

China Art Management offers services to professionals involved with artistic projects connected to Chinese art scene. Our services are designed for both Chinese and foreign individuals (curators, collectors) and organizations (galleries, societies, governmental and non-governmental organizations).

China Art Management's services include:

  • Art Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Project Development
  • Tailor-made Art Tours

Lucille Enel : Director & Founder

Lucille Enel created China Art Management in 2010; to provide art consulting and project management services. She has been working in China as a freelance art project consultant and manager since 2008.
Lucille was born and raised in France, and has been living in China since 2005. After a few experiences working for art organizations, she started to work as a freelance project facilitator, providing consulting, mediation, and other projects services to professionals involved in the fields of art and culture who want to set up projects in or connected to China.

Lucille graduated from the University of Oriental Studies in Paris with a Bachelor Chinese Language and Civilization. She also has a Master's in Cultural Project Management.

Since 1998, she has been to China many times for traveling, studying, and working in the art field. Through these experiences she has acquired an excellent integration into the Chinese art scene. She is fluent in French, Chinese, and English.

Lucille enjoys working to facilitate contact with China for creative-minded clients. Her services provide the optimal conditions and environment to make each project a positive and efficient experience with the necessary foundation to lead to long-term collaboration.
Her wish is to participate in multi-dimensional and hybrid projects involving multiple art mediums, thereby helping to make the borders between both mediums and cultures less sensitive.