Project management

China Art Management Ltd provides project management services to professionals involved in the art field who wish to work on projects in China or connected to China. Our project management services include exhibition/show set up; art fair ; art production ; researches and feasibility studies; artistic event, etc.

  • We undertake the set-up of a project, as well as the project's coordination and follow up
  • We undertake canvassing for art venues
  • We liaise with local partners (artists, venues, curators, collectors, clients…)
  • We take care of the mediation between our clients and their partners, as well as the go-between of our clients and their collaborators
  • We provide field project facilitation
  • We set up working teams to get involved in short-term and long-term projects
  • We set up a communication plan for specific art projects according to each project's specifications
  • We translate correspondences, meetings, audio and video files, and contracts

For specific examples, please refer to the projects we have managed.
We are happy to discuss these services with you personally in order to determine how China Art Management Ltd can best help to facilitate your specific project.