Art consulting

China Art Management Ltd provides guidance to professionals involved in the artistic field, such as providing extensive information regarding the art scene in China (with a special focus on the young generation of Chinese artists) and relevant advice on the feasibility and the development of China-connected projects (including exhibition/show set up, art production, research and feasibility studies, artistic events, etc.) Projects can be based in China or simply connected to China. We are also equipped to provide services for projects taking place outside of China.

  • We provide information regarding the contemporary art scene and market in China
  • We provide information about Chinese artists and art works
  • We run feasibility studies according to each project's specifications and requirements
  • We advise on potential local collaborators and partners
  • We offer access to a local network related to the artistic scene
  • We undertake canvassing for art venues
  • We advise on the set up of an agreement

Additional specific information is available regarding our consulting services addressed to curators, collectors, gallery managers and cultural society.

Feel free to contact us with your project's details or to obtain specified information regarding our art consulting services.