dsl collection

The collection was established in 2005, with a primary focus on Chinese contemporary art. It is a private art collection representing 110 leading Chinese avant-garde artists, many of whom have played a major role in the development of contemporary art in China today, among them Ding Yi, Cui Xiuwen, Jiang Zhi, Lin Tianmiao, Qiu Zhijie, Xu Zhen, Zhang Dali, Zhang Huan, Zhang Peili, Zheng Guogu, Zhou Tiehai and more.

“Cultural diversity, technological and personal mobility are changing our world. Unleashing imagination and engaging the viewer with innovative ways of thinking and presenting the collection are our guidelines.” –dsl collection-

The collection consists of an online 3D virtual exhibition film curated by Martina Köppel-Yang presenting some artworks of the collection as well as a catalogue that introduces to the public the complete collection.

The collection comprises works of the early Chinese avant-garde, as well as recent
contemporary works, further works stemming from different regions in China and
being executed in different media.
Without any particular preponderance for one medium; the collection consists in painting, sculpture, installation, photography, videos, interactive multi-media works and internet art.
The collection wants to be a nomad collection, which could be shown in different countries and cities around the world, giving as much visibility as possible to its artists providing information about Chinese contemporary art to a broad public. The collection’s priority is to show the works in museums.

The project in China consists to communicate about the collection showing the 3D film along with artworks in order to promote the artists of the collection.

the 2D version of the collection's 3D film